We believe that actions speak louder than words.

So why not sign up now for a free demo ( click here ) of how CommunityWatch works in concert with the Metropolis MyFile. All we need is an email address and phone number or sign up for a MyFile of your very own so we can coordinate an online conference and share the new transparency Metropolis provides to its exclusive membership.

At Metropolis, We understand that managing an association means that we touch the lives and finances of communities and families. With 30 years of managing common ownership communities, we have refined our ability to address each community’s individual requirements within the parameters of association management standards. We recognize the unique character of your community. At Metropolis, we believe that your community is more than its physical structure. It is the foundation which allows your families, friends and neighbors to determine and, hopefully, achieve their dreams.

What is a Community Association?

A community association is a nongovernmental association of participating members of a community, such as a neighborhood, village, condominium, cooperative, or group of homeowners or property owners in a delineated geographic area.

Metropolis is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Condo Manager.

Together, we provide seamless online integration using portal, stream and financial management to accurately report the financial condition of your community. Why not click here and see how just how easy it is to use Condo Manager

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We get a lot of ideas from our clients.

So, we have to give credit where credit is due. In some instances our programs are a direct result of our clients asking for a special program. So if you have an idea, why not share it with us and let's see if our in-house programmers can convert your idea into a real application. Together, we can be better.

Online all the time? No Problem,
We get it, and now you can too...

We understand you want to register fast, but we gotta make sure we authenticate your very own private account. So, either email us at community@mymetropolis.net or give us a call at 301-779-1800 and ask one of our Community Relations Specialist to authenticate your account.


Interactive and Editable Webpages? C'mon!

Yup, its true. Just imagine being able to change photos, update calendars or documents on the fly. And, it's so easy. No more hassles with wordpress or antiquated webpages...all because of CommunityWatch.

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Community Management

At Metropolis, we have the ability to identify and solve your maintenance issues quickly and effectively, utilizing our network of carefully screened vendors. Our Community Relations Specialists know the level of service and quality our clients expect. As part of our maintenance program, we provide regular site inspections of the property, present our findings to the Board, and assist in securing bids when maintenance work is necessary. We use shareable spreadsheets, streaming and our CommunityWatch Transparency Program so that you have the tools to really understand what is happening in your community.

First Metmail, now Communitywatch

Now you can open, access, share, update and close your CommunityWatch Conversation. Learn about Communitywatch. Sign up and take a test drive on us!


Make your assessment payment in minutes by connecting to your online bank. Just click below and select your community bank and make your payments.


Whether you are providing feedback, paying a compliment or making a complaint, your input is the key to improving our products and services.


We know how busy you are. With FasTrac, you can call 24/7 from your phone or computer and leave a detailed message. Your message will be converted to text using VOIP technology and sent to your Community Relations Specialist.Want to try? Just register for CommunityWatch and click on Fastrac from your very own My CommunityWatch Dashboard. Ya Gotta love technology! Just call 301-825-8881 or register or login into your CommunityWatch Dashboard for the full experience!

Take me to CommunityWatch.


Please take a moment and let us know how we are doing. We want to hear your comments about our service. You can report about our service 24/7 at 301-200-8115 on our automated customer service client line.
Your message with be automatically transcribed and sent to our Customer Care Department for investigation and response.

Just like everyone else, we can provide the same reports in electronic format to our clients at via email. At Metropolis, we have moved beyond antiquated email. Say hello to CommunityWatch! Other Metropolis enhancements? How about Fastrac and Metchec? Want to learn more? Sign up below and learn about CommunityWatch by taking a test drive on us!

Our vision has remained the same from the 1986 until now. We wanted the ability to reference all information relevant to our clients' needs through a database and to provide this information on demand to meet the challenges of community management. Our database continues to allows us to centralize and distribute information received by all means; be it a letter, an email, a phone call, or a fax. And now with CommunityWatch, you as Board Members, can review all communications

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More and more community members are taking an active role when assuming the positions on the Board of Directors. And, in order for the Board to be successful in their quest, the Management Agent must be able to provide documentation and information quickly so that well informed decisions can be made.

Now, imagine being able to review files in real time. Or to see who has called and the purpose of the call, or any communication from homeowners, vendors or really...anyone associated with your community. Imagine looking at this communication in a static stream of information. Sure, it’s something you would like to be able to do.

Now you can.

Thanks to MetMail and now introducing CommunityWatch...

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Condo Manager is a full HOA management solution for property managers and self managed associations. Condo Manager has designed software to help make your day-to-day management easier.

Condo Manager can be used to manage one association or hundreds. Condo Manager provides a paperless system that brings your Association property management services together in one user-friendly solution. Homeowners can get accurate financials, access owner information, track CC&R violations, follow-up on maintenance issues, and so much more.

Whether you manage a single association or have hundreds of communities in your portfolio, Condo Manager can provide the tools you need for success.

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With Condo Manager you can customize your reports to meet your community’s needs. Here are some of the sample financial records that you can access when using Condo Manager.

Want a demonstration? No problem. We can schedule a time for you to review Condo Manager. Just call us at 301-779-1800 .If you havent signed up for CommunityWatch email us at Community@mymetropolis.net

Read Sample Financial Records